Achraf Kassioui


Feel the ship

Another gem from Star Trek Voyager about user interface design in a 1998 episode. This time pilot Tom Paris wants to feel the ship.

Star Trek Voyager Tuvok pointing at shuttle knobs

Commander Tuvok and Lieutenant Paris are designing a new space shuttle craft. Tuvok warns about microfractures risks to the shuttle hull, and continues:

Tuvok: If we [have problems during flight], I suppose these useless design elements from your Captain Proton scenario will compensate for the problem?

Paris: Hey, every one of these knobs and levers is fully functional...

Tuvok: ...and completely superfluous.

Paris: Maybe to you! I am tired of tapping panels! For once I want controls that let me actually feel the ship I'm piloting!

Star Trek Voyager shuttle knobs